Trellis is a low-config, CICD pipeline for teams who develop serverless applications on AWS. It handles the complexity of setting up automated deployment pipelines for its users, making it suitable for teams who want to spend less time on operations and more time on feature development.

Trellis gives users the ability to deploy, promote, teardown, rollback and test their applications on the cloud with a simple click.

Other Software Projects


A web-based tool for analyzing HTTP requests, designed primarily for troubleshooting web hooks.

Built with: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Pug, Express, and RabbitMQ.

Airline Routes

An open-source tool to track airlines, their routes and destinations. The tool displays a map where you can filter by airline or airport.

Built with: React, PM2, and Nginx.


An open-source tool that enables users to sign up, create personal to-do lists and track their progress.

Built with: Express, MongoDB, Pug, PostgresQL

Mechanical Engineering Projects

Soccer Ball Launcher

Automated soccer ball launcher, designed with SolidWorks and programmed using Android Studio and Arduino.

Mars Robotic Arm

A robotic arm engineered through geometrical, dynamical, and fatigue analysis and designed using ADAMS.

Recreational Basketball Rim

Redesigned a recreational basketball rim to reduce the possibility of failure. Modeling and analysis conducted using ABAQUS.